Alchemy and Spagyrics

“Alchemy is the gentle acceleration of growth through the use of the fire of nature.” – Paracelsus

Alchemy is one of the most ancient sciences, religions, and systems of medicine in the world. It has its roots in Mesapotamia and ancient Egypt, the birthplace of the human species. It is in essence the art of transformation. Most people perceive alchemy as turning lead into gold, and while this is a minor aspect of the alchemical arts, it is something much deeper. It is not so much about making gold for monetary gain, but more about transmuting the base metal of our ego into the gold of our spirit. It is a systematic spirituality that brings one into harmony with the elements, the planets, and the source of creation.

There are three main branches of alchemy: the traditional western esoteric system, ayurveda, and Taoist Chinese medicine. Each branch is encyclopedic and extends deep into the mysteries of nature and healing. But they are all branches reaching out of the same trunk with its roots deep in nature.

Alchemy provides an energetic cosmology, or map of the universe in which all things can be understood. This natural philosophy shows the energetic architecture from which all things are composed of. By understanding cosmology, we understand where we come from and where we are going- and the transformative process of where we are.

Spagyrics is the practical application of the cosmology of alchemy. One is theory, the other is practice. Spagyrics is a process of creating philosophical medicines that are made in harmony with the nature of the substance being worked with- mainly minerals, metals and plants. The word spagyrics comes from two Greek words “Spao” meaning to separate, and “gyro” meaning to combine. Thus, a certain natural substance is separated into its principle components, exhalted or concentrated, and recombined into a higher state of being. A true spagyricist not only purifies and evolves a piece of matter, but is purifying and evolving themselves with it. This is what makes alchemy a true spiritual system, that everything done in the external is also done in the internal and thus the medicine in embodied. This is the method in which all of the Organic Unity products are prepared.

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