• Elemental Harmonics

    These four formulas are designed to enable one to establish a connection and relationship with the four Elements of nature: Earth, Water, Air and Fire. These correspond to the four directions on the Medicine Wheel, the four humors of Greek medicine, and the four aspects of our being: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Through working with the Elements, we connect with the foundations of life within and without, coming to a deeper communion with our own being, and the architecture of nature.

  • Spagyric Essences

    These are the most potent spagyrics currently offered by Organic Unity, active in only drop doses. These are single plants that have gone through complete spagyric extraction of the 3 principles of the plants: sulfur (oil- soul), mercury (alcohol- spirit), and salt (crystallized minerals- body). Each principle has been extracted, exalted (purified), and recombined into this new, evolved form of the plant’s intelligence. Spagyric Essences retain every single medicinal property and spiritual aspect of the plant. Through the energetically sensitive preparation and astrological timing, these spagyrics work strongly on the spiritual levels of being, while also being grounded in the material world due to the contents of the physiologically active constituents of the herbs. Spagyric Essences truly bridge the spiritual and the physical, Earth and Sky, Yin and Yang, into a beautiful expression of each plant’s true essential nature.

  • Spagyric Symmetry

    Spagyric Symmetry is a line of formulas of Spagyric Tinctures and Spagyric Essences, designed for action on the physical organs, systems, and tissues of the body. Each formula contains herbs that cleanse, tonify, and strengthen that particular organ or system, as well as supportive and driving herbs that enable the main plants to do their work more effectively.

  • Spagyric Tinctures Spagyric Tinctures

    The Spagyric Tincture line is the most basic line of products we produce, consisting of single plants, extracted in organic alcohol with the additional benefits of the crystalline mineral salts. These are very similar to the standard tinctures one would find at any supplement or natural health food store, except these contain the purified body of the plant found in the minerals, giving them a stronger physiological affinity, faster and deeper action, and reduced dosage. We use only organically cultivated or wildcrafted plant material, with a strict preference for freshly wildcrafted plants.

  • Spagyric Synergy Spagyric Synergy

    The Synergy formula line is designed in accordance with various aspects of human Energetic Architecture, charting the evolutionary process within us through the synergy of plants. They work in accordance with the associated astrological rulerships of the process being worked through. By cleansing the subtle, or astral body, we release any negative or restricting patterns in our lives that reflect in our physiology, psychology, and spirituality. The spirits of these formulas are purified according the spagyric tradition, which are unified with the crystalline mineral salts and fixed oils, making them highly attuned to working on the Mercury, or Spirit level of our being.