Elemental Harmonics Spagyric Kit

Contains the four Elemental Spagyrics: Sacred Earth, Sacred Water, Sacred Air, and Sacred Fire.

The four Elements are the primary building blocks of all of life, the foundation of creation. As we deepen in our relationship to them, we deepen in our relationship to all of existence, coming to understand and perceive the unique Elemental composition of various aspects of nature. Each Element corresponds to a season, an organ, system, and tissue of the body, certain psychological and emotional states, as well as spiritual potencies. The plants within these formulas were carefully chosen based on their correspondences to the Elements as they express them on their own, and within the human organism. The goal of this line is to initiate one into the deep healing and teachings within each of these Elemental Spirits, with the intention of fusion into the Quintessence (5th Element) of pure consciousness.

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