Cleavers Spagyric Essence

Ingredients: Spirit and purified mineral salts of Cleavers (Galium aparine)

Cleavers is a humble little woodland herb also known as bedstraw, for the Deer have been known to bed down in patches of it over night, giving it an animal correspondence (a common practice in Native American herbalism). The Deer type personality in people tends to be tall, thin, dry, nervous types (vata constitution in Ayurveda), with prominent joints. Cleavers also fits this description, and it is this constitution it is specific for. It is used in modern herbalism as a cooling and soothing diuretic, supporting a healthy inflammatory response in the kidneys and urinary tract. It has acts on the lymphatics, helping to decongest stagnation of the fluids. It is very nourishing and moistening to vata-deer types, and is also slightly grounding and nervine in its action.

Ruled by Venus (who rules the kidneys), Cleavers is excellent for use to reliagn ones relationships, especially intimate partnerships where there is a pattern of one person being too clingy (being a Cleaver) and the other one pushing away. This clinginess is a signature of the plant, as it sticks to passerbys in the woods. Cleavers teaches us about emotional fluidity, flexibility, how to relax, loosen up, and learn to let go. This letting go can be of old attachments, patterns, addictions, or fixations (all of which are relationships).


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