White Sage Spagyric Essence

Essential oil, spirit, and purified mineral salts of White Sage (Salvia apiana)

The White Sage embodies some of the highest wisdom of the plant kingdom, it holds the essence of purity, embodied wisdom, and practical application of spirituality. We like to call it the "walking the spiritual path with practical feet" remedy- AKA the walk your talk remedy. Helps integrate the spiritual and physical worlds together, dissolving the boundary between the mundane day-to-day world and our spiritual life. Helps put spiritual knowledge into the heart where it is embodied and transmuted into wisdom.

It is a general remedy for purification of self and space prior to any ceremony or sacred space, helping us to show up and choose to be present in our strength and spirit. Reconnects us to who we are and to see the wisdom throughout all of life, and how each reflection of life is a reflection of a part of our own nature, as we hold the whole universe within our being.

This is an amazing remedy to work with for an extended period of time in meditation, contemplation, and ceremony.

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