Lemon Balm Spagyric Essence

Essential oil, spirit, and purified mineral salts of Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis)

Melissa was one of the most highly regarded herbs by Paracelsus, inventor of spagyrics and a highly esteemed herbalism, alchemist and healer. Hildegard van Bingen said that Melissa contains within it 12 other herbs- in other words, it's uses and applications are vast. Melissa contains a delicate volatile oil with digestive and nervous system affinities, gently calming the mind, opening the heart, and lifting the spirit. This herb is particularly useful for people who seem to take life too seriously, re-instilling a childlike quality of joy and innocent perception. It is this innocent perception that opens the doorway to nature, wisdom, and perceiving life as it truly is, outside of our mental conditioning.

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