St. John’s Wort Spagyric Essence

Essential oil, spirit, and purified mineral salts of St. John's Wort (Hypericum perforatum)

Hypericum could be seen as a little piece of Sun in botanical form, reflected not only morphologically in its sunburst-like yellow flowers, but also in its ability to bring more light into our lives.

The perforations in the leaves (as can be seen when you hold it up to the sun) are signatures for puncture wounds of which it is highly useful topically, but also for holes in our astral (etheric, or energy) body. When we have holes in our field, we tend to leak our energy out, and to be overly empathic to other peoples energies. It is a good plant for establishing energetic boundaries. Many emotional issues are often due to a "leaky" energetic body, especially when one doesn't feel "quite like themselves." By bringing in more light, St. John's Wort stabilizes, strengthens, and patches up the holes in our field, so we are contained in our own energy, and only that which is good, true and beautiful is allowed in.

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