Our Intention


Welcome to Organic Unity

We are an herbal supplement manufacturer rooted in the lineage of the western alchemical tradition, located outside of Bellingham, Washington, in the foothills of beautiful Mt. Baker. Our intention is to provide the highest quality liquid herbal spagyrics for complete healing and rejuvenation of the body, soul and spirit.

As a company, our guiding principle is the Light of Nature- we always follow the wisdom of the plants and the many traditions from around the world that did so. From Ayurveda in the Himalayas of India and the alchemical laboratories of Europe, to the dense jungles of the Amazon and the lodges of the North American plains- we strive to weave together and integrate numerous traditions from around the world that followed the Light of Nature. Through cross cultural bridgework, we see this Earth as a cohesive Organic Unity, each part a unique and necessary contribution to the whole.

The intention behind each and every one of our bottles is the bring the human being back into a dynamic state of harmony and integration with nature. As we come back to our roots on this Earth, we come back to our ancestors, our spirit, and our true essential nature. Each plant holds up a unique mirror, guiding and showing us the parts of our being that we may have forgotten or abandoned. As we retrieve these lost parts, we become more whole, healed, and holy- we see our interrelatedness to the macrocosm and all of our relations.

It is our commitment and prayer to be vessels for the plants to assist people on their paths of healing and the realization of their own unity: with self, with other, and with all levels and kingdoms of nature. Through teaching, healing and spiritualized remedies, we seek to shapeshift this world into one of beauty, health, harmony, higher consciousness, and Earth centered spirituality.

Blessings to your healing and transformation,

Sajah and Whitney