Each part of the Organic Unity contains a certain cosmology which gives insights into the architecture of the universe. Cosmology by definition is “the study of the universe in its totality and its origins.” While this is one of the more controversial subjects among religions and science (which has become a religion unto itself), correspondences can be drawn when one begins to peer beyond the surface level of what is being said. Genesis can be related to big bang, which can be seen in the Ayurvedic and alchemical cosmologies. After all, they are explaining the unfolding of the same universe, just from different points of perception and cultural conditionings.

Cosmology enables us to understand the patterns behind the material world and how they are put together and interact with each other. It shows the pattern of interconnectedness. Modern holographic theory states that within each part, the whole is reflected. Thus, one can see the entire universe within a plant, a person, or a cell, or anything. But what does this mean, and how is it useful? To the seeker of wisdom and healing, it is the most important thing to realize, because everything instantly becomes ones teacher and healer. The entirety of creation becomes the voice of the infinite one, the organic is an expression of the unity. We are no longer separate from the rest of creation, because contain all of creation. Thus by studying creation, we study ourselves.

Most cosmologies are energetic, meaning they are expressions of the invisible. When one is speaking of the building blocks of the universe, it is impossible to speak in terms of strict physicality and rationality. There is no one single molecule or atom that is the fundamental building block. Terrence McKenna once said that “science has pushed the boundary of the rational world far enough to see its irrational basis.” Quantum physics has shown that when you get down to the smallest parts of matter, it starts to not look like matter anymore, but energy. Cosmology is the study of the energy that exists prior to matter, but is contained within matter. It is the space between the unseen and the seen, or how the invisible manifests into form.

The practical application of this knowledge is towards an understanding of ones own energy, ones own inner cosmology. This lends insight into the physical constitution, and the mental/emotional temperaments, along with their inherent strengths and weaknesses. From here, those weaknesses and imbalances can be strengthened and healed through the application of natural substances by understanding their own unique cosmology and how the two relate. This assists in the healing process of revealing ones true essential nature and life purpose.

One of the easiest ways to understand cosmology is through two of the most ancient sciences: numerology (sacred mathematics) and sacred geometry. These give the most simple and practical ways to see these energetic patterns. The whole universe can really be understood as various combinations of numbers.

It all starts from oneness, the infinite, when the universe existed in a state of pure potential. In geometry, it is the point. This oneness is the unity point from which the organic arises. It is from this point that all manifestations arise, and all things return to in their time. It is the Great Spirit, God, Allah- the one who is known my many names. It is important to remember, that each set of numbers are a reflection of the one, just in more complex form.

The one then divides into two, which is the principle duality- the masculine/feminine, day/night, Sun/Moon, Yang/Yin. This is the creation of the space/time continuum. Geometrically, the point becomes the line. These two forces interact and create the three, which is the trinity, or triangle. These are the three philosophical principles of Alchemy, the modes of astrology, the doshas of Ayurveda.

From three it moves into the four, which is the square, the four winds or elements of the Native Americans. Organic Unity works within a natural elemental system: Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether being the invisible fifth element.

The other two main sets of harmonics of practical use are the seven and the twelve. These are the astrological patterns of the planets and the archetypes or signs. These provide the most specific and individualized reflections of the unity.