The Organic Unity Paradigm

As a paradigm of healing, medicine making, and cosmology, Organic Unity pulls from various traditional systems worldwide- mainly western medical alchemy, herbalism, astrology, Ayurveda, science and shamanism. By weaving these traditions together, a truly holistic understanding of self, nature, and the healing process may be achieved. Each system makes a unique contribution to understanding and one may fill in a gap that is present in another. This paradigm is truly holistic in the sense that it brings us into harmony with the wholeness of existence, from the most distant star, to the smallest molecule.

We are in the midst of a great shift in our cultural paradigm. The patriarchal, masculine dominated, mechanistic, rational paradigm has pushed its limit and we are at the breaking point. But, it has served a sacred purpose in the evolution of the Earth, and it is necessary to distill the essence of this paradigm and we shift into a healthier one. Things must either be evolved or dissolved. Honoring the wisdom of the ancients, along with the contemporaries, is a necessary part of understanding our place in this historical process. The world is a melting pot of information, and seeing the similarities and weaving together paradigms, traditions and cultures, helps us to understand where we come from, where we are going, and what is the healthiest way to move forward on this planet. It is our goal to assist in a positive shift in our paradigm to one that is harmonious with existence. It is our hope that this information may help you in some way on your path of understanding in creating positive change in the world.

A Spiritual Science

This paradigm is a map of nature and how to best come into harmony with it. But the map is not the terrain it is mapping, it is only a signpost; it helps to guide the way. Maps are useful tools to have, but if the focus is always on the map, the landscape will not be experienced directly. These various maps of Ayurveda, alchemy, shamanism, astrology, etc. only provide different lenses to perceive the landscape of existence, but the goal is to come to a direct connection with existence. Truth never comes by studying it. Once a direct connection is established, it can be reflected upon with the map in order to understand where one is and how to best navigate. It is best understood as a spiritual science.