Our Process

All Organic Unity products are designed to raise consciousness by balancing and nurturing the body, purifying the mind, and mending the heart, so their unity in Spirit may be realized. Each product is handcrafted with a specific intention to heal certain dynamics and patterns engrained in our being that do not serve us. As these patterns are healed, a new energetic architecture is introduced that initiates us onto a higher level of being that is in harmony with nature. By creating vibrant states of health on the physical, mental, and emotional levels of being, we are opened up to a greater sense of health and vitality, leading us deeper into understanding the essence of who we are.

All of our spagyrics begin with the highest quality of starting plant material. All of the herbs we work with are either ethically wildcrafted by ourselves or other local herbalists, or are organically cultivated. We work with fresh herbs whenever possible in order to extract and preserve the vital force of the plants. The spirits of the plants are always honored during our work, from the initial prayer prior to harvesting, to the bottling, labeling and sealing- we maintain a high level of respect for the spiritual integrity of the plants and consciously infuse that into everything we do.

The herbs are promptly extracted in our laboratory while still fresh and vital. We use 100% biodynamic, organic, hypoallergenic grape alcohol in all of our Spagyric Tinctures. Each plant has a custom menstruum of alcohol and water that is specifically tailored for the particular constituent profile of that plant, thus yielding the most potent and broad spectrum extract.

Once the digestion of the herb is complete, it is pressed in a hydraulic press, squeezing out every drop. We then move the plant material to the incinerator, burning it down to a pure white ash. We like to clarify to people that our spagyrics do not contain the ash of the plant. We always purify the ash of the plants, separating the water soluble and insoluble minerals, and adding back only the pure, crystalline, water soluble mineral salts.

The Spagyric Essences are much more refined extracts that have gone through multiple distillations of the essential oils, volatile spirits and 2 different water soluble mineral salts- all of which is done in alignment with the Planetary archetype that rules that particular plant. These yield a potent but subtle, highly initiatic spagyric, designed to guide one through an initiatory process of healing on the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels.